Thursday, August 23, 2012

Craig William Taylor August 2011 Germany Visit Day 2

On August 19, 2011 Craig William Taylor’s visited the Bavarian area of Germany during his second day of visit.  While in Bavaria he drove a his rental car, a convertible Renault, through southern Germenay starting in Penzberg and ending in Mittenwald.  Mittenwald was a wonderful city with much to see and wonderful food.  Craig found a wonderful old church in the center of Mittenwald near the shopping district.

Mittenwald Church-Craig William Taylor, Mittenwald Church-Craig William Taylor

Craig William Taylor spent the second half of the day hiking in the mountains near Mittenwald.  He completed the hike to the peak named Seinskoph (1961m), below is a picture of the trailhead marker.  The hike was challenging with many switchbacks and amazing views.

Seinskoph peak-Craig William Taylor, Seinskoph peak-Craig William Taylor

Although he thought the hike would be easy in comparison to regular hikes in the United States; this hike was a good challenge and well worth the effort.  The views were incredible, providing panoramic overlooks to the entire area.  On the top of Seinskoph is a cross marking the peak.

Seinskoph trailhead marker-Craig William Taylor, Seinskoph trailhead marker-Craig William Taylor

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